Autumn Cupcakes (Box of 6)

Autumn Cupcakes (Box of 6)

Autumn 2021

Available to order for Monday 6th September - Sunday 24th October

When the weather gets colder and leaves have fallen from the trees, there is nothing better to enjoy than a good cuppa and warming Autumnal flavoured cupcakes. 

Each box contains 1 of:

Churro Cheesecake: Crisp on the outside, soft in the centre and covered in cinnamon a sugar Churros are a classic Autumn treat, and it was only fair we paired them with a Cuckoo’s Classic: Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes.  

Shroom Season: Our homegrown magic mushrooms are handmade chocolates shells with a vibrant blackcurrant filling and decorated to suit the season. A Dark Chocolate sponge & buttercream encases the blackcurrant filling to create this fungi of a cupcake… You can see why we love it so mush!   

Panic at the Miso Cupcake: We’ve upgraded the classic Cuckoo candy apple cupcake with the addition of Miso, which adds the subtle touch of saltiness and the unique umami flavour. This Miso edition has been topped with a mini caramel covered apple lollipop to give that ultimate Autumnal vibe. 

Never too Matcha Cake: Something a little different, Matcha is the new sensational ingredient in the food industry; it’s powdered green tea leaves are infused into a cupcake and the perfect Matcha for our White Chocolate buttercream and Lemon Curd filling. 

The Nutty One: Our Vegan Nutty Cupcake is a fun take on the classic chocolate and hazelnut that will even have the omnivores begging for more. A vegan Hazelnut Sponge is filled with silky chocolate ganache and topped with a hazelnut buttercream. We would’ve have finished this one with A’corny pun but we think it speaks for itself. 

Leaves & Lattes: Don’t be Chai… try our Autumn cupcake supply! This spiced latte Cupcake is sure to warm you up this Autumn, with all the right spices creating a cinfully good cupcake that will leaf you smiling!

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