Behind the Cuckoo Clock with Rory...

Date: 23/8/15
Cuckoo! The Festival is reaching its late August peak and the streets around our tea room and cake shop are buzzing with performers, locals and tourists!

This week, we're taking you behind the scenes to meet another of our lovely staff members, who day in and day out bring Cuckoo's Bakery creations to life, keeping our regulars happy and tempting newcomers...Take it away, Rory!

Who are you and what is your role at Cuckoo's Bakery?
I'm Rory, I work in the kitchen at the Dundas Street shop every weekend. I'm responsible for making all the brunch and lunch for those that require more than a cupcake to fill them up, as well as making sure all the dishes are immaculately clean.

Describe a typical shift.
I begin my day by sorting out all the ingredients that have been delivered that morning, then I go about preparing all the fresh savoury food. By the time I’m finished making the soup I’ll starting on the brunch menu, so you'll find me frantically whisking eggs, buttering rolls, sizzling bacon and such like. After a couple of hours of that it'll be time for lunch, so I'll be preparing sandwiches and baked tatties to order and scooping the soup I made earlier in the day, whilst washing dishes and keeping the kitchen clean. Towards the end of the day I'll checking stock and placing orders for the next day and making sure the kitchen is ready to go for the following day.

Where do you find inspiration for new recipes?
I get most of my inspiration from dishes I've enjoyed at other cafés and restaurants in the city and things I've eaten in other parts of the world. I also make the most of my mum's subscriptions to various food magazines and rip out the recipes I like the look of when I go and visit her, much to her annoyance.

What's on your stereo while you work?
I’ve always got Spotify on while I’m at work. I listen to all sorts of stuff, it’d be hard to pin it down to just a few artists. Anything from Marvin Gaye to the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Talk us through your favourite part of your job.
Actually, one of my favourite aspects of working in the kitchen at Dundas is being able to listen to any old music I like all day. I’m generally the only person in the kitchen so I have absolute power over the stereo. I suppose having a laugh with the front of house folks is alright too.

Favourite ever Cuckoo's creation? 
I’ve been working at Cuckoo’s for just over 4 years now (I'm the longest serving member of staff - a Cuckoo's veteran), I’ve seen so many different cupcake creations it’s really hard to choose one of them. I still think the Black Bottom cupcake is probably my favourite. I also very much dig a peanut butter milkshake.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your days, what would it be?
Macaroni Pies for life.

Any hidden gems or tips for places to eat in Edinburgh?
Edinburgh has so many great places to eat, but one of my favourite restaurants is Mezbaan South Indian restaurant at Tollcross where you can get a 2 foot dosa that hangs off the edge of your plate. I really like Milk café on Morrison Street too, they do great little bites to eat.

In the spirit of the Cuckoo's retro Summer Range, what was your favourite sweet as a kid?
Being a man-of-the-world sort of fellow with incredibly diverse tastes, it’s always been a 50p mix up for me. Sometimes even £1 mix if I had just got my pocket money!

Describe a perfect day off.
Any day when someone cooks for me for a change. These are unfortunately few and far between, as my flatmates idea of making me breakfast is going down to Greggs and bringing me a cheese and onion pasty.

If you could work in a Cuckoo's Bakery anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I’ve attempted several times to convince my superiors at Cuckoo’s to buy a canal barge, build a little kitchen in it, and let me sail around the canals of the world peddling our wares for those who aren’t as fortunate as to live near one of our shops. I’m still trying.

We hope you enjoyed learning more from behind the scenes at Cuckoo's! Our next Blog will follow soon. In the meantime, pop down to our Dundas Street shop for lunch or brunch (no macaroni pies here though!). Cuckoo for now!

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