Behind the Cuckoo Clock with Sophie...

Date: 1/11/15
Cuckoo! The clocks have turned back and the evenings are drawing in. As we soak up these beautiful autumn days and say farewell to Halloween, we've a treat for you this month in the form of another peek behind the cuckoo clock. Sophie is our Cuckoo in the know when it comes to film suggestions (see below!)... and read on for her tip on the best view in Edinburgh...

Who are you and what's your role at Cuckoo's Bakery?
I'm Sophie and I work front of house at our Dundas Street shop. I serve customers as they come in for teas, coffees, cakes, lunches and brunches and make sure everybody is happy!

Describe a typical shift.
I open the shop in the morning and lay out all the cakes neatly in the haberdashery drawers, then I get the shop ready for opening and pack up the day's orders. After we open, I spend the day waiting on the tables, making coffees and teas and serving any customers looking to take away some cupcakes. Throughout the day, other jobs include preparing for the next day’s orders, taking any phone orders/queries, making up some boxes and sorting out our stockroom/staff room in the basement, making sure it's tidy and everything is in its correct place. I love it when the shop is busy because I like it when there is a buzz - but, regardless, there is always something to do!

Talk us through your favourite part of your job.
I love making coffees - we use Mr. Eion coffee at Cuckoo's which is roasted in Stockbridge! I like to be creative with coffee and latte art is a way of doing that - I must admit it's a slight obsession. I also love all the staff at Cuckoo's and have some really good friends here so another favourite part of my job is working with people that I love! Eating leftover cake at the end of the day is pretty good too…

What's hard to resist on the Cuckoo's menu?
Black Bottom is probably my favourite cupcake, although I do have a favourite Cuptail that comes up every so often which is the Blind Russian, so good!

What's on your stereo while you work?
Disney songs make up the majority of the playlist in the shop. Was fun at first but now I know every word to every Disney song made... I get a slight relief when Dolly Parton comes on.

Who or what inspires you?
My parents are probably my biggest inspiration. They taught me everything I know and supported me so much when I wanted to move to Edinburgh. Shout out to my mum for teaching me how to cook the basics from a very young age so I could look after myself when I moved out, unlike many other students I know! She is also a BIG Cuckoo fan, even before I got the job, so now any trip back home to Glasgow they all expect cake.

A little bird told us you're studying film and media at uni. Are you reading anything good at the moment? Seen any good films lately?
I saw Macbeth at the cinema recently, would definitely recommend it! Absolutely stunning cinematography and the acting was terrific. Beautiful film.

What's your idea of a perfect autumn day off?
Having some brunch (usually pancakes with bacon and maple syrup) and then a walk around the city centre, going to get coffee and maybe visiting a museum or two. I love autumn. Everything is so beautiful this time of year. However, sometimes a day off just means a duvet day; binge watching TV on Netflix and eating ice cream and chocolate. Definitely sometimes needed especially after a long week of juggling both uni and working at Cuckoo's!

Best view in Edinburgh?
I often like to sit near the west end of Princes Street Gardens and look up at the castle. This city is one of the most beautiful in the world and I like to try and appreciate it as much as possible!

If you could work in a Cuckoo's Bakery anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
New York. I’ve always wanted to go there (probably fuelled by the fact that I’m a massive ‘Friends’ fan) and I think that Cuckoo's would definitely do very well there. After all, we know Americans love cake too!

We hope you enjoyed learning more from behind the scenes at Cuckoo's! Our next Blog will follow soon. In the meantime, pop in to one of our shops and grab a cake and coffee - don't forget to say hi to Sophie! Cuckoo for now!

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