Past Special Cupcakes

Say hello to some of our past weekly specials, some of which are available to order. To order past weekly specials you will need to place an order of at least 12 cupcakes (that's 12 cupcakes of one variety!). Orders of past specials require 48 hours notice so we can source the ingredients required.

We may be able to create some of our past seasonal specials, also shown in the following pages, at request. However some of these were limited edition and we can no longer source the ingredients and decorations to re-create them.

  • £20.00

    Halloween Babycake Box

    Twenty four halloween themed bite-sized mini cupcakes... Available in two flavours!
  • £19.50

    Mother's Day Gift Box 2018

    Delicious freshly baked Mother's Day cupcakes - sure to make mum smile! Available 8th to 11th March only.
  • £2.25

    Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake

    Our timeless vanilla sponge is adorned with vanilla frosting and a delicate sugarcraft butterfly. Perfection in a cupcake case.
  • £3.50

    So What? (Anti-Valentines Cupcake)

    Bored of cuddly toys, roses and mushy cards? Treat yourself, because you’re worth it.
  • £3.25

    Apple & Caramel (GF*)

    Spiced apple sponge filled with sweet caramel and topped with a delightful cream cheese frosting! Available 8th to 11th March only.
  • £3.50

    Bunny’s Basket

    One of our famous cheesecake cupcakes baked with raspberries and white chocolate chip, topped with white chocolate frosting and a couple of mini eggs!
  • £2.75

    Caramel Shortbread

    A classic traybake gets the ultimate cupcake makeover...cue shortbread, caramel and buttercream!
  • £3.50


    Chocolate sponge filled with a generous helping of mixed berry compote, topped with Italian meringue dipped in Belgian dark chocolate!
  • £3.25

    Chocolate & Hazelnut Cheesecake

    Chocolate sponge baked with a generous helping of Nutella, underneath baked vanilla cheesecake and complimented with chocolate and hazelnut buttercream. Available 8th to 11th March only.
  • £2.75

    Chocolate Fudge Swirl

    Decadent dark chocolate sponge filled with chocolate and caramel ganache.
  • £2.75

    Chocolate Raspberry Meringue

    One of our favourite specials... Does what it says on the tin and includes a smile!
  • £19.50

    Christmas Giftbox

    Our Christmas cupcake flavours are guaranteed to provide festive cheer.

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