Scottish Baker of the Year Awards 2016

Cuckoo! May is host to a momentous event in our professional calendar, the Scottish Baker of the Year Awards. Cuckoo's Bakery has shone at the awards since we first won Best Cake in Scotland in 2014. This year was no exception, thanks to our Cuckoo devotees who voted to ensure our cakes reached the judges' table.

It's utterly rewarding to have our dedication to the cake cause recognised and rewarded by our industry peers. If you've been following our blog, you'll have met some of our bakers: cake crusaders who push the limits of flavour and creativity. We think our nation's bakers are unsung heroes. Baking is an intrinsic part of Scottish history and habit and the awards are a true celebration of the art of baking and the innovation of the craftsmen who keep Scotland's ovens blazing. We welcomed the invitation to shake off the flour and walk the red carpet and are delighted to report that we brought home not one but three new trophies for the Cuckoo's cabinet! As a small independent business built on passion and quirkiness, we're always proud to stand on the podium alongside long-established industry giants.

Our Sticky Toffee Pudding cupcake dazzled, winning Regional Gold and National Bronze awards! If ever a cake was deserving of a bit of recognition, it's our sticky toffee. Inspired by fond memories of Sunday lunch at granny's house, this retro treat has been a stalwart in our haberdashery since day one. Enter our Leith bakery in the early hours and you'll be enveloped in the comforting smells of date sponge and homemade butterscotch sauce. There's something a bit humble and down to earth about the sticky toffee cupcake. A worthy winner indeed.

Next up was our Black Bottom cupcake, which scooped a Regional Silver Award! Our little trays of black bottoms are constantly giggled and gasped at. Half Belgian chocolate chip sponge and half baked vanilla cheesecake, it manages to be light and decadent at the same time. Don't tell the other cakes, but the black bottom might even be our favourite.

We returned from the Awards brimming with enthusiasm. We're delighted to work in an industry that's chock-full of inspiring folk, for a city full of supportive customers who not only get what we do but embrace it wholeheartedly. Thank you! And we're baking extra of our award-winning cakes, in case you haven't tried one yet!

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