Cuckoo's Scottish Referendum Cupcakes

Our infamous referendum cupcakes were launched in March 2014 and were sold in the run-up to the Scottish Independence Referendum. We released our results regularly throughout the campaign and our final polling report closely matched the results:

YES - 43.5%, NO - 47.7% and UNDECIDED - 8.8% 

Scottish Independence Referendum Cupcakes

Our poll certainly attracted global media attention with front pages in major newspapers around the world including TV, radio and online media coverage - it firmly put Cuckoo's on the map!

Our staff worked hard to carefully mark down opinions as the cakes were purchased and we are proud to have ran a very fair and accurate poll which brought much fun to the referendum.

We displayed the results in our shop window throughout the Campaign and enjoyed seeing people read them and leave, amused with a smile on their face!

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